• statement

    Cody Bayne is an artist based in LA.
    -born Knoxville, Tn
    -lives /works Los Angeles

    I create a relationship between contemporary art and cultural intersectionality. By forging a visual dialogue transposed from walls, streets and a personal language my work strives for intellectual and emotional connection with the viewer. I use materials sourced from cities around the world, which serve as backdrop of urban decay creating a unique vernacular, one that is both familiar and foreign to all of us.
    I’m drawn to beauty of flaws, the discarded and interested how it’s physically present everywhere yet overlooked concurrently.
    I “harvest” information from the environment of the city and in my studio reassemble the materials. In so doing, I’m interested in communication between the materials I use and the sociocultural comments that the work leads to. The work is executed with a balance of formulaic parameters and action oriented process. Immediacy and accidental interventions play a strong role in the making of the work with intention to create connection to the beauty of the decayed and discarded. I allow my artist hand to be present and discernible in all my work as a symbol not only of humanity but also of distressed conditions and environments that inspire me.
    Though I do not intentionally approach the work through a filter of social comment I am keenly aware, that by drawing upon these cues and visual references, the poetry of the metropolis leads to this conversation.
    My work is both contemporary and academic. By acknowledging legacy art movements and methods referenced in my work, I’m creating art based in an informalist approach influenced by metropolitan walls and streets, modernism & contemporary art.